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Donation Funds

Donation Funds

Donations and Tributes

Beth El accepts gifts, which honor and memorialize friends and family, as well as gifts in celebration of special events. Beth El donation funds offer you giving options that reflect a broad spectrum of interests and program areas for your contribution. It is a lovely way to celebrate a life cycle event, to honor or commemorate the life of a loved one, or simply to acknowledge and express appreciation for the benefits Beth El brings to your life.

A card of acknowledgement bearing the donor’s name is sent to the person or family being honored, one who is ill, or to the family of the deceased. In addition, contributions are acknowledged in the  Beth El Bulletin. Except where noted, the minimum contribution for all donations is $10.

Donation Funds

Congregational Funds – These funds provide for on-going operations and special requests.

  • Synagogue Fund
  • Floral Fund ($36 minimum)
  • Knitzvah Fund
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • Edward M. Schneider Education Fund

Education Funds – These funds provide on-going support for both youth and adult education.

  • Irving Botnick Education Fund
  • Hakoah Education Fund
  • Jacob Reich Memorial Fund
  • Alan & Janice Woll Education Fund
  • Max & Regina Schneier Memorial Fund

Scholarship Funds – These funds help defray the cost of Jewish summer camp programs.

  • Lenore Gordon Scholarship Fund
  • Stephen M. Gross Memorial Fund
  • Louis & Becky Lockshin Scholarship Fund
  • Marks & Goldfarb Youth Fund
  • Lola Salzman Scholarship Fund
  • Reverend Phillip Salzman Scholarship Fund
  • Frieda Weinberger Memorial Fund
  • Simon Kopelson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Special Gift Funds – These funds support congregant care, special projects, and events

  • Alexandar & Lillian Medoff Music Fund
  • Eleanor & Jerry Lippman Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fund
  • Max M. Federhar Memorial Fund
  • Luck Holocaust Fund
  • Lisa Botnick Memorial Fund
  • Aaron Kranitz Memorial Fund
  • Edward Abramson Memorial Fund
  • Gress Torah Fund
  • Saferstein Caring Fund
  • Beatrice & Morris Sarelson & Family Beautification Fund

To make a donation to one of these funds, click here.