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Adult Education

Adult Education

If engaging in Jewish study is part of your personal growth plan, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide variety of interactive experiences – some in-person and others through distance learning – that will provide you with ways to engage in deep learning and acquire practical synagogue skills.

Your opportunities for personal growth and renewal through Jewish learning are almost limitless. Your role is to simply take the next step and partake of all that our congregation has to offer.

Learning with the Rabbi

Torah Study – Every other week, Torah Study is a part of our regular Shabbat Morning. This is a unique way to interactively discuss and understand Parshat HaShavuah (our weekly Torah Portion) through the lens of classic and contemporary commentators alike. During our study together, we look for ways to personally connect with traditional texts, and search for meanings that might be applied to our lives, here and now. The Torah Study begins immediately before the Torah Reading (around 10:15 a.m.) and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. No prior knowledge of the weekly portion is necessary to fully participate in the conversation!

Jewish You – A weekly exploration of an array of traditional and contemporary texts, as well as the many issues relating to living intentionally Jewish lives in the 21st century.  How many of the Torah’s 613 Mitzvot do you engage in on a regular basis, and how do they inform your life? Fall dates and times TBA.

Ba’al Tefillah Institute – Following Minyan on Wednesday mornings at 8:15 a.m., Rabbi Lipton guides adult students through the traditional liturgy and nusach (musical chanting) of Weekday Shacharit, with the support of printed and recorded materials. “Shacharit L’chol – How to Lead the Weekday Morning Service.” A great way to learn practical synagogue skills!

Lunch ‘n Learn – Our monthly Lunch & Learn series is held at the downtown offices of Gertz and Rosen, where we discuss and explore aspects of American-Jewish/Jewish-American life.

Other Learning Opportunities

ScholarStream – ScholarStream is an online collaborative learning platform bringing the best and brightest scholars and teachers from the Conservative Movement right into your homes. All classes are recorded, so if you are not available on the day of a specific class, you may view it at your convenience.

ScholarStream classes are offered on a weekly basis between now and Shavuot. For a full overview of the series dates, topics and faculty visit tinyurl.com/scholarstream5783. ScholarStream classes are available at no charge to Beth El members. Contact the office for login details.

Taste of Torah – Taste of Torah is a monthly women’s lay-led Torah study group. Held on the third Monday of the month, Taste of Torah is sponsored by the Beth El Sisterhood.