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How observant is everyone?

We are a spiritual home for a wide range of ritual observance, while remaining traditional and egalitarian. As a judgment-free community we are good with some members being very observant, others much less observant and all the in between. 

Do I have to know Hebrew?

No. We provide transliteration to many of our prayers and understand many of our members have limited Hebrew understanding.

What should I wear?

We leave it to you to decide. Men typically wear sports coats and ties, but neither are required. Women wear pants, dresses, or skirts. During summer Shabbatot, we all enjoy relaxed, casual attire. Men often come in a button-down shirt and khakis, and women come in a variety of casual but respectful attire. We do require all men to cover their heads while in our space. Kippot are provided.

How will I meet people?

Community is at the center of who we are, most notable in the “magic” that takes place every Shabbat Kiddush lunch after services. Come join us on Shabbat and see for yourself! We will introduce ourselves to you and make you feel right at home. If you come to a Weekday Minyan, Shabbat Service, Sisterhood Taste of Torah or Knitzvah, or Lunch & Learn, you’ll find your tribe.

Are you open to interfaith couples?

Interfaith couples are very welcome in our family. We take pride in our inclusive and diverse community. We want all Jews and their families to feel welcome at our synagogue no matter what their religious background.

Do I have to be a member to come?

We welcome all, members or not. Come join us on Shabbat and stay for lunch! We want you to love it here as much as we do. Click below to find out why!

How does membership work?

We offer a wide range of membership levels and payment plans. Just call our synagogue office at 330-864-2105 and we’ll set up a plan that works for you. If you want to be a member of Beth El Congregation, we will work with you to make it happen.

Do you have adult and youth education?

Yes! We offer engaging and relevant educational opportunities for Jews of all ages, focusing on the study of mitzvot (sacred obligations), exploring Jewish texts and history, and offering a probing look at our Jewish community today. 

What about keeping kosher (Kashrut)?

We know that Kashrut varies among people and is a personal decision in one’s own home.  As a Conservative synagogue, Beth El supports kashrut as a basic tenet of Judaism and is a Kehillah K’doshah, a sacred community. We have a clear, consistent practice in our space for synagogue gatherings on the campus. Food that does not meet Beth El’s kashrut standards may not be brought into the building. You can read our full Kashrut policy below.