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Sisterhood Program – La Juive (The Jewess): An Operatic Portrait of Jewish Identity


March 19, 2023    
2:00 pm

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On Sunday, March 19th, musicologist and Beth El member, Dr. Kay Lipton, will present “La Juive (The Jewess): An Operatic Portrait of Jewish Identity,” a community-wide lecture that will take place at Beth El Congregation.  Through a series of video excerpts Lipton will show how the immensely popular, nineteenth-century French born, Jewish composer, Jacque-François Fromental Halévy, portrayed—through the music alone—Jewish characters and situations.  Additionally, Lipton will consider how the new French King and his supporters used The Jewess as a political vehicle in support of their new agenda, one that included, at least temporarily, full equality to all French Jews.